O+P Digital Designer

The beginner's guide for going digital in O&P

O+P Digital Designer is your pathway to simple and affordable digital workflows for 3D Printing in O&P

Leverage learning skills over buying 3D systems, and save 90% of your startup costs

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O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer

Do you struggle not having the digital tool set to design for Additive Manufacturing?

Are you unsure of buying a 3d printer or 3d scanner before you can test out the transition of “Going Digital?”

O+P Digital Designer takes the simple idea of helping O&P clinics go digital, using affordable, agnostic, generalist CAD software.

Skills for Digital O&P Workflows

O+P Digital Designer

3D Scanning Cleanup

Take 3D Scans of your patients and get them cleaned, aligned and proofed for digital workflows or for plaster archiving.

O+P Digital Designer

3D Product Design with 3D Scans

Collaborate with our designers and create new, bespoke designs for your patients and your clinic.

O+P Digital Designer

Sourced 3D Printing

Have your designs shipped right to your workshop for fitting and assembly from a central fab provider. No need to own your own printer!

O+P Digital Designer

Automation of Repetitive Orders

Comply with FDA and ISO regulations with a workflow that captures all the data you need to facilitate in depth design reviews and audits.

O+P Digital Designer

3D Scanning Training

Navigate the myriad of different technologies and techniques for scanning anatomy, devices and plaster casts.

O+P Digital Designer

Software and Workflows Training

Onboard our virtual designer or train your own in house, using only the most affordable and generalist softwares.

O+P Digital Designer

Digital Consulting

Have a highly customized project or idea you want to develop? Get us in on the call and we can help you leverage 3d printing and design.

O+P Digital Designer

3D printer Consulting

Looking to buy a 3d printer? having some expert advice outside of the sales pipeline can help ease your concerns of bias in the sales process. Schedule a meeting to compare your needs.

If you're interested in modernizing your clinic and skills in design for 10% of your assumed cost, check out our certified online classes.

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O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer

About us

1000’s of 3d Printed Products, Full Digital Design Literacy, & 100’s of Patients Affected.

We represent 8 years of continuing education and experience in facilitating 3d printing workflows and product delivery throughout north America.

We have empowered innovative practitioners throughout North America in several applications of O&P Production, including 3d printed Orthotics, AFO’s, KAFO’s, trans tibial, trans radial & trans femoral prosthetic devices.

Our unique experience and deep understanding of automated design, manufacturing processes and materials choice gives us a fully rounded understanding for what it takes to digitally implement automated design workflows for additive production.

Our clients are leaders in their markets including the United States and Canada, and we help them bring digital design literacy and production experience into their practice.

Book your 30 minute free strategy session

What we’ll cover in the strategy session:

  • How to position your clinic to participate in digital design pipelines for 3d Printing
  • Learn about your current needs, and how to approach software tools and design automation.
  • Learn about the challenges you face and the experience you have in 3d scanning.
  • Your best strategy to start making inroads with 3d printing, in the most affordable way.
  • Overview of how FDA regulations and auditing criteria can be met, and how to do this easily.
  • Estimate setup, manufacturing, marketing & retail costs for your workflows to succeed.
O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer

"Arthur Hobden is teaching me about Autodesk Fusion 360 and prosthetic workflows. I highly suggest checking out his courses and you even get CEU's! Its a great place to start and get empowered to do your own digital work with a cost effective solution. "

- Brent Wright CPO at Eastpoint O&P

"Just finished the "Cad and Product Design for O+P Professionals from Arthur Hobden. I worked with Fusion 360 in school and on and off since then, but this course was a great way to get back into it with some tools that are very specific to #oandp. He does a great job of showing you how it's relevant for the devices we design and fit! "

- Ben Wright CPO at BCM Ottobock Care

"Arthur has created a succinct course in developing designs for a C-Leg as well as learning the concepts for the individual clinician/technician to adapt for various bodies. I found the flow of the content to be well paced with attention to detail as to why I was performing these functions. This course will not only allow me to create future designs quickly, but also provide the tools to come up with new and creative designs for our patients needs and desires. I feel, with Arthur's courses anyone in the field would be capable of continuing to do what we do best, create for ourselves and give the patients the best outcome. "

- Josh Parker CPO at Prosthetic Orthotic Institute

"The collaborative thinking has been fantastic with Arthur, what we were able to do together was really question how are you able to use fusion 360, and you went to areas and features that know one else thought of, features that were used in different industries, gathered the best of them and put them into a format that created a workflow that leveraged the strengths of each package, so we were were able to consistently get more and more work done using fusion 360."

- Mark Roser Founder, Principal Investigator at Results Group LLC

"Since Arthur had been in the O&P industry prior, he understood the many clinical challenges that I as an Orthotist faced. Other than guiding me the know how’s with the software, we had so much fun designing together on new products to make things better. I highly recommend anyone who has a passion and vision of taking things to the digital space to embark on this course. "

- Susanna Koh Co-Founder, Orthopaedia Singapore

"Easy to follow and produces strong skills! The strength of the program is its logical explanation and focus on approaches to motivate efficient CAD habits. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to become proficient fast and can appreciate a thoughtfully constructed course! Looking forward to the next courses from O-P Digital Designer."

- Tom Cotton Product Engineer at FlyBand

"Before taking this Fusion 360 course online, I had minimal knowledge of working in CAD. Watching the instructional videos taught me new techniques and workflows I would have never known on my own. I can now confidently say that my comprehension of CAD is substantially improved, and I hope to learn more in the future!"

- Taiwo Akinsanya O&P technician at national orthopedic hospital igbobi Lagos, Founder Dynalimb Technologies

"This online course was the best resource I could ask for my transfer from SolidWorks to Fusion 360. I’m a CAD designer who has been using SolidWorks for Biomedical applications for the past 10 years. This course smoothed my transition to Fusion 360, by providing well-explained instructions on the essential features of CAD software along with meaningful examples. Moreover, it got me interested in Fusion 360 by providing amazing instruction and emphasizing the unique feature of Fusion 360. I strongly recommend this course!"

- Amir Seyedsalehi Biomedical Engineer, CAD Designer

O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer
O+P Digital Designer

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